Ep 2: All Things CBD w/ Laura White from Soul Addict

In this episode, I talk with wellness-preneur & friend, Laura White, who has created a game changer brand for women, Soul Addict, which utilizes the medicinal benefits of CBD. While the hemp movement is gaining popularity, a lot of us still have questions and are quietly curious about what the chatter is all about.

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Listen in for:

  • Laura sharing her personal story that led to her choosing CBD over western meds for emotional support, that ultimately also led to the creation of Soul Addict.
  • What’s the difference between cannabis and hemp.
  • How CBD specifically works in the body.
  • A look at how women are becoming a big part of this wellness niche.
  • Why and how I specifically use CBD as part of my routine.

After dealing with her own struggles with anxiety and depression, Laura White decided to launch Soul Addict as an ode to her trust in nature and the power of hemp CBD. Soul Addict is an indie CBD wellness line for women inspired by the powerful healing relationship between women and plants. Soul Addict’s products are designed to honor and empower our highest health through the magic of hemp-sourced, Colorado-farmed CBD oil and using high vibrational ingredients. In December of 2017, they expanded their operations to Western, NC where they’re launching a medicinal hemp farm after receiving their license to grow under the Federal Hemp Pilot Program by the NC Hemp Commission. SA intends to continue liberating a highly stereotyped industry through their products and destigmatizing hemp and cannabis. 

Find Soul Addict at: https://souladdict.co & @souladdict.co on instagram

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